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Our primary resource is a strong team of technical employees, all of whom have multiple years of experience serving for major nuclear design, heat exchanger/fluid flow, and aerospace companies. We offer services by this group of talented and experienced experts who excel at finding solutions through design, reverse engineering, and trouble shooting.


Chief Engineer

NucFlow’s chief engineer retired from Stone & Webster after spending 20 years designing nuclear power plant components. Born in Russia, he was educated at the acclaimed Dnepropetrovsk Technical Institute where he received his masters degree in engineering. As part of the Russian Air Force, he was sent to the frontier and is a Korean Conflict Veteran. His outspokenness during these years landed him in a Siberian Gulag where he was a “guest of the state” for two years.

Emigrating in 1978, he left his Russian heritage behind to begin a new life in the USA. Before retiring as a Senior Engineer for Stone and Webster, he worked significant nuclear power station projects including Rocky Flats for the Department of Energy, Browns Ferry, Peach Bottom, and Kopec’s Longgwang as well as many small projects for dozens of other nuclear facilities. He was significantly involved with the design of the Nine-Mile Point II Nuclear Power Plant. This was a boiling water reactor facility, and he was responsible for Steam dryer and Steam separator lugs, flow diverters, biological shield wall doors, a transfer car for installation and removal of RHR pump motor, ALARA shields, pressure vessels and tanks, equipment for handling spent fuel racks and other critical systems and components.

An accomplished musician, before leaving Russia he performed with the Kremlin Band for dignitaries including Che Guevara and Stalin. He continues to play the saxophone and clarinet, and has authored a book on Russian music.

NucFlow is proud to have him as the final authority for our design products. He brings a unique insight to the nuclear flow element field having witnessed plants move though their entire life-cycle from design to decommissioning.