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About NucFlow

We are an equipment sales company specializing in proprietary restriction orifice plates, specialty heat exchangers, vessels, and tanks. NucFlow offers flow element engineering design and fabrication services. With an in-depth understanding of and ability to deliver technological solutions, we offer our customers an integrated approach to engineering design.


No Cavitate Orifice Plate: Minimize capital expenditures and maintenance costs and maximize operator profit. Replace multi-stage orifice applications with a single orifice. Ask us about it!

• Specialty Heat Exchangers/Pressure Vessels/Tanks:
High Pressure, Alloys, Slurries, Small Sizes
Sec VIII and Sec III Design and Engineering

• Professionals: Our Chief Engineer alone has over 40 years experience in the nuclear industry. He oversees our engineering program through the lens of a seasoned veteran.

• Assisted by our proprietary technology, NucFlow is committed to enhancing our customers systems safety and performance.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

NucFlow Corp.
Houston, Texas • Las Vegas, Nevada
Tel: (928) 713-8090
email: info@nucflow.com